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Founded: September 2015
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Pixel Sift is an award winning video games publication that explores the politics, economics and societal impacts of the games industry in Australia and the world. Originally founded as an interview podcast, Pixel Sift has expanded to include online features, news coverage, live streaming. Founded by journalists with a goal to find stories not covered by other outlets and about what it really takes to make a career in games.


Founded in 2015 by Gianni Di Giovanni, Scott Quigg and Mitchel Loh as a podcast that would embrace the best parts of on-demand podcasting with the high quality of radio production.

Pixel Sift began as an interview podcast featuring indie developers and games industry members from Australia and the world but has since expanded across a number of different channels to become one of Australia's premiere independent video game publications.

In early 2016 from episode 10 and with video producer James Morrison, episodes were live-streamed on Twitch so viewers could interact directly with the show.

In late 2016 the team traveled to PAX Australia to produce the video series PAXEL SIFT recorded on the show floor for a social audience with indie developers, and since then has produced four seasons of event coverage.

In 2017 with an expanded editorial team and a redeveloped website Pixel Sift accelerated their article coverage with feature pieces and news stories.

In late 2019 Pixel Sift developed and released a second podcast, Mainstream, that explored high profile video game industry news and games as a complimentary vertical to the indie and game production focus of the original Pixel Sift podcast.


Winner of the 2019 Australian Podcast Award Gaming category
Finalist in 2019 Australian Games Awards 2018 Gaming Publication of the Year.


Pixel Sift is the flagship podcast and each episode features an interview with indie developers, academics, musicians, and they have shared what it takes to make something creative with our passionate audience. Recorded live fortnightly and broadcast live on Twitch.
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Mainstream is a fortnightly podcast the team at Pixel Sift talk about the games they've been playing from the world's biggest developers.  We also share that blockbuster news that everyone has been the gaming community has been discussing, or what they should know.
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Covering both local & international video game industry news and feature stories the team at Pixel Sift creates well crafted and considered online articles. Our stories cover the political, social and economics of making and playing video games. You can read our all our articles here.