Episode 32: Mike Cann (Mr Nibbles Forever), Kerbal Space developer pay claims & games you can’t “win”

Roll on with Perth based Mike Cann, developer of cute runner Mr Nibbes Forever.
May 12, 2016 9:00 AM
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There are many games that are so tough you feel like you can’t win, but some games can be designed to be completed but at the end you aren’t “victorious.” We explore the different types of narratives, and compare stories in games to films, where the protagonist isn’t always better off at the end.


We spoke to Michael Cann, he’s a Perth based developer from Epic Shrimp, and maker of the newly released Steam game Mr Nibbles Forever. We talked about how a misstep caused the removal of all his apps from the Google Play Store, and how working with a publisher to bring his mobile games to PC. You can find Mr Nibbles Forever on Steam, or check out Epic Shrimp’s other games on their site http://www.epicshrimp.com

This week it was claimed that developer Squad, makers of the hit indie game Kerbal Space Program, were paying their developers only US$2400 annually. With conflicting goals, and changes in direction have Squad bitten off more than they can chew or are they taking advantage of people who are working hard to developed the game?

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