Episode 12: Drugs in Gaming, PSX recap, and reimaging game modes

What happens when people push it too far when gaming and use substances to keep going.
December 10, 2015 9:00 AM
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When gamers explore games they can make some awesome new play styles that weren’t originally designed. Bungie released an official version of the Sparrow Racing League, which was created in game by players. Day Z started out as a mod for ARMA II before spinning off into it’s own game. The whole MOBA genre originated as a custom map in Warcraft III.


This weekend we had the Playstation Experience (PSX) convention where Sony laid out it’s plans for the next year. Some of the big announcements included on of the first gameplay trailers for the anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, the crazy looking 100 Foot Robot Golf and Ratchet & Clank

Finally this week we explore the use of drugs in gaming. Popular streamer Jayson Love AKA MANvsGAME admitted that his 50 hour gaming sessions were fueled by the use of dextroamphetamine to keep him awake. The major eSports leagues such as the ESL will start drug testing their players for performance enhancing drugs like those used by MANvsGame after a major drug scandal.

If you need help with drugs, alcohol or you just need someone to talk to and you are in Australia you can contact Lifeline 24 hours a day for help.


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