Day Two Recap - 2016 PAX Australia - #PAXELSIFT

Even more indie developer interviews coming at you from the floor of PAX Australia with #PAXELSIFT!
November 5, 2016 5:00 PM
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After a huge day one at PAX Australia 2016 we're back again for more on Day Two with interviews with the Australian gaming industry. If you missed out on Day One you can head here to find out more. We'll wait until you're back.

Ok lets dive into day two of #PAXELSIFT!

Battletrap Racing - itsfine


Gyromag - Gunsloth


Forts - EarthWork Games


Roto Color Runners - Blue Volcano


Birdsketball - Waynetron


LG Dire Wolves - League of Legends eSports team


A Township Tale - ALTA


Bramblelash - ByteSprite Games


Chromashift - DevOrDie Studios


Paradigm - Jacob Janerka


Kept - S1T2


Dead Static Drive - Mike Blackney


Defect - Three Phase Interactive


Wildfire - Sneaky Bastards


You've made it through 66% of PAXELSIFT now, so prepare yourself for the final day of PAX Australia 2016, and jump in here!