Gianni - Executive Producer & Host

The big dog at Pixel Sift, Gianni’s talent for compiling interesting and compelling content each week is what keeps the ship afloat.

With solid experience gained through his work with the ABC and ECU, it’s not hard to see why this young man is making a big splash on the radio-waves.

Gianni’s ability to keep on the pulse of technology and gaming as well as his immense skills in both these realms ensure the Pixel Sift show and its team come out stronger and stronger with each passing week.

Twitter: @G_di_G



James - Video Producer

Like the rest of the team James is a fine product of the Murdoch University education system.

Within the Pixel Sift team he is our broadcast visual asset control adviser and producer.

An avid PC and console gamer his gaming repertoire is very impressive spanning throughout many generations of interactive media content.


Twitter: @ozzyjim


Mitch - Podcast Producer & Host

Give Mitch half a chance and he’ll start talking to you about video games, not all video games mind you, mostly Destiny.

Mitch is a passionate console gamer and spends his time researching stories on Reddit, at least that’s what he says he’s doing.

With notes in hand, Mitch will give you the facts and figures you crave.

Be careful out there Guardian.

Twitter: @six4T3


Scott - Podcast Producer & Host

Scott Quigg graduated from Murdoch University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Media, double major in Sound and Radio.

A connoisseur of gaming, with the almighty NES as his first console, Scott loves games and games love him back.

When not at Pixel Sift, Scott works hard on his other ventures as a DJ, Musician and Sound Engineer…he also tends bar, what can’t this young man do?

Twitter: @djescue


Vaughn - Video Producer

Vaughn plays a mean game of Rocket League when he's not lending his considerable talents to making sick videos when hanging out with musicians, politicians and everyone between.

Vaughn is an aquarius who loves kicking back with a beer and a boardgame.

You can check out Vaughn's video work on his channels Pistol Shrimp and Film Dispute.