Mainstream Episode 11: Final Fantasy VII Remake & My Friend Pedro

Equip your materia and head into battle with Adam and chat to a banana with guns akimbo with Gianni in Mainstream Episode 11!
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Adam returns to the Midgar we remember from 1997, but not the one we played in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Gianni does his best Deadpool impression in platforming shooting puzzler My Friend Pedro.

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Pixel Sift is produced by Scott Quigg, Sarah Ireland, Fiona Bartholomaeus, Mitch Loh, Daniel Ang, Viv Thum & Adam Christou. Gianni Di Giovanni is our Executive Producer.

Brian Fairbanks from Salty Dog Sounds composed the Mainstream theme music.

Thanks to Devolver Digital and DeadToast Entertainment for providing a review code for My Friend Pedro.

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