Episode 65: Ash Ringrose (Death Squared), Rumblemonkey P2P Gambling & the power of INFLUENCE

Ash Ringrose of Sydney's SMG Studio talks all about making his cooperative puzzle game Death Squared.
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We’re joined by Ash Ringrose the Head of SMG Studios and he filled us in on their latest project Death Squared. Death Squared is a co-op multiplayer puzzle game that pushes players to work together to solve problems of increasing difficulty all with the looming threat of obliteration around every corner. Ash also talked about making different games for other companies and how the experience compares to his own works.


With all the controversy surrounding gambling and gaming in the recent year, we’re looking at you Trevor Martin, you would think that companies would be steering well clear of anything close to that idea. However new player on the scene Rumble Monkey is facilitating money transactions based on the outcomes of personal matches between gamers.

If any of our viewers are struggling with gambling related issues please reach out to the Gambling Help Line on 1800 858 858.

The phenomenon of influencers is a relatively recent trend to hit modern society with many big companies and even the influencers themselves often miss judging the reach and impact of their massive personal audiences. Many of these personalities are well rooted in the gaming community so we decided to take a look at what happens when these individuals miss the mark with some of their content.

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