Episode 50: LIVE from Perth Games Festival 2016! Games with friends, releasing your indie game & Pixel Sift Q&A

We're live at Perth Games Festival 2016 with special guests Liam Hunt, Anthony Sweet and Mark Mennell.
October 7, 2016 9:00 AM
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It’s the big five zero this week for Pixel Sift, that right episode 50 is here!For this milestone we brought the show to Perth Games Festival 2016 for a live panel! First off we talked gaming with friends, how most interactive experiences can be enriched by playing with a close companion.


We also welcomed back a couple of old favourites onto the show. Liam Hunt from ByteSprite Games, Mark Mennell from Gnomic Studios and Anthony Sweet from Black Lab Games all joined us to talk about their experiences releasing their games to the world. The trials they faced, what surprised them and how not to make mess of the whole process. This is an insight into the publishing world you don’t want to miss.

Finally we tackled a couple of questions you submitted over the past couple of weeks in a fun little question and answer session. There were quite a few to choose from and we didn’t quite get through them all but we sure had a good time shedding some light on the queries you threw at us. Thank you to everyone that made it down to the live show, it was great to see you all there.