Episode 42: Bob Hayden (Vectonic), retro console resurrection & eSports olympiad

Jump inside the synthwave with Bob Hayden developer of multiplayer hover game Vectonic.
August 5, 2016 9:00 AM
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The Olympics is right round the corner and that got us thinking about the relationship between games and official sporting tournaments. With international interest in the Olympics seeping away with every passing instance, could the introduction of eSports into the Olympic Games be the key to drawing the crowds once again?


We had a chat to Bob Hayden, Bob is a West Australian developer working on a new game called Vectonic. Vectonic fills all your neon spaceship smashing needs. Bob filled us in on the challenges of creating good control feel as well as incorporating as many memes as possible into his colourful creation. You can find out more about Vectonic on 

Aside from historians that spend their days in museums and libraries, no one is more obsessed with the past than the gaming community. Nintendo has a long history of catering for this with the release of a remake once every couple of years, however they have gone one step further this time with the NES Classic Edition. But in a world where emulating is the bread and butter of many players experience, where does this new box fit in the world?

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