Episode 41: Jane Cocks (Checkpoint.org.au), politics in games & the money of eSports.

Games can be used to promote a healthy headspace, and to understand the experiences of those with mental illness and Jane Cocks of CheckPoint joins us this week to talk all about it.
July 28, 2016 9:00 AM
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Films and television have used political intrigue as a basis for their storylines for a long time, and today we look at the games that do the same. Games can examine the ever changing and volatile nature of the politics, and can transport us to different worlds and contexts. Whether showing the conflict of interest those in power have, or simply having a joke at the spectacle of it all, games help us to understand the impact politics is having on our lives.

We also had the pleasure of speaking to the founder and director of CheckPoint, Jane Cocks. CheckPoint is a new non-profit organisation dedicated investigating how games can be applied and designed to promote a positive headspace, or how games can help us understand the experiences of mental illness. Head to CheckPoint’s website to learn more about their mission http://www.checkpoint.org.au/

Valve’s DOTA 2 tournament “The International 2016” this week blew through the last prize pool record reaching a staggering $18,771,084.00 and counting. With the humungous financial stakes invested in eSports, we explored  some of the numbers and how these types of prizes are raised.

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