Episode 39: Ari Gibson, William Pellen & Dave Kazi (Hollow Knight), game cultural appreciation & Pokémon GOes global

Part Dark Souls part Metroidvania, Hollow Knight by Adelaide's Team Cherry is all style.
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This week we tackle cultural appropriation in videogames. It’s no secret that video game developers tend to borrow heavily from historical events and cultural tradition, but is this changing the way we approach history and culture for better or worse?


We also got a chance to talk to Ari Gibson, William Pellen and Dave Kazi of Adelaide’s Team Cherry. They talked us through the ins and outs of their new game Hollow Knight, a stylish platformer where you take control of a ground dwelling insect hero uncover the secrets of a mysterious and decaying world. You can find out more information about Hollow Knight at teamcherry.com.au

We take on Pokémon Go for a second time this week. It’s been a wild ride over the past eight days, as a result productivity has hit an all-time low due to Mitch and James contantly forsaking their duties to go after the nearest Pokéstop. With so many stories of heroism and cowardice revolving around the app what does the future hold for Niantic’s newest world dominating game?

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