Episode 34: Leigh & Elissa Harris (Objects in Space), dropping the banhammer & predatory publishers

Siblings Leigh & Elissa Harris join us this week to talk all about their space submarine simulator Objects In Space, which can be extended by a physical cockpit.
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First off this week we’re talking justice for cheaters in online games. With player vs player elements in pretty much every title these days, the temptation to cheat can be too much for some people. But the creators of Overwatch, Blizzard have found a unique way to take down cheaters and keep them out of their servers for good.


This week we spoke to sibling founders Elissa and Leigh Harris of Flat Earth Games. They spoke to us about their game “Objects in Space”. This space fairing simulator strays away from classic twitch based space combat to a more strategic system management style game coupled with a unique home built physical interface. Elissa and Leigh tell us how they are taking the genre into a new direction. You can find out more about their game at www.objectsgame.com

With many new developers making great games, systems like Steam Greenlight can really get the ball rolling. But sadly there is a new disturbing trend is rearing its head in the gaming world. Organisations posing as legitimate publishers are now approaching small inexperienced developers promising huge exposure and a guaranteed audience for a “small” percentage of profits, only to leave them high and dry when things don’t go as planned. The team discuss ways to weed out the frauds and the difference between social media statistics and true audience engagement.