Episode 26: Live at Oz-Comic Con 2016: Linear vs Non-linear story telling, Fan feedback + controversy, communicating in games

Listen to our first live episode live at Perth's OzComicCon 2016!
April 3, 2016 9:00 AM
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It’s our extended LIVE episode from Perth’s Oz Comic Con!

First up we spoke all about the differences between linear and non-linear story telling, and the constructed narrative. We explore how creating fixed narrative can be a stylistic choice, or could be due to limitations in hardware.


We also look at how a recent well articulate argument on the Overwatch beta forums was able to change a victory animation for character Tracer. We explore feedback from fans, how they can influence development, and how sometimes the squeaky wheels aren’t always representative of the player base.

Finally we talk all about moves to limit the communication in multiplayer games such as Hearthstone, to avoid the players from using their games to attack each other. Like all freedoms, it’s a trade off and we look at whether or not that trade off is worth it.

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