Episode 146: Brendan Watts (Fledgling Heroes) & who protects the history of games?

Get ready to spread your wings and take flight in the side-scrolling adventure Fledgling Heroes by Subtle Boom.
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Fledgling Heroes is a side scrolling flap 'em up game where you play as collection of brave birds taking on the world. Brendan Watts is the Director at Queensland's Subtle Boom the studio behind Fledgling Heroes join us to tell us about how the game was made. Fledgling Heroes is available on Apple Arcade and the Nintendo eShop.

We all have games that we just can't access anymore, but when these games become harder and harder to access, whose responsibility is it to make sure we can always revisit them? You could of course port them to a Myki card public tranport card reader, but for older games that aren't as popular as Doom ?

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