Episode 14: Chris Parkin (Valiant), Activision buys MLG, and our 2015 year in review

Jump into the saddle in VR in medieval dueling game Valiant by Offpeak Games!
January 7, 2016 9:00 AM
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In a major eSports shakeup, Activision Blizzard has purchased Major League Gaming, in a move that has left some shareholders of MLG stunned. Activision has been making moves into the eSports space already and this brings a major league under their wing. What this will mean for the future of eSports is yet to be seen.


We spoke to Christopher Parkin, he’s a developer and CEO of Offpeak Games, makers of the virtual reality medieval combat game Valiant. We talked about their Kickstarter campaign, and launching a new game at the infancy of VR. Oculus have just announced their pricing and preorders for their Rift headset, so gamers will soon be able to experience VR in their own homes.

Finally today we wrap up the year that was 2015. We look at some of the major stories and releases of last year and talk about some of our favourite games..

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