Episode 125: Anthony Sweet, Cabalia & Pika Pi (How do you keep creating? Live at Supanova Perth)

Recorded live at Supanova Perth 2019, how do some of your favourite creators keep creating?
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Being creative can be hard, but there are those among us who seem like they are never ending creativity machines.

On this special episode of the award-winning Pixel Sift podcast recorded live at Supanova Perth 2019 in front of a live audience, Twitch Partner Cabalia, Cosplayer PikaPi and Battlestar Galactica Deadlock writer Anthony Sweet about what it takes to make the things we all admire and enjoy, and what happens when the creative juices aren’t flowing.

Pixel Sift is produced by Scott Quigg, Sarah Ireland, Fiona Bartholomaeus & Mitch Loh. Gianni Di Giovanni is our Executive Producer.Thanks to Salty Dog Sounds for some of our promo music this week.

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