Episode 121 Greg Dziemidowicz (VR Regatta) & the return of the Australian Interactive Games Fund

Feel the thrills of tearing through the waves and sea without ever leaving the shore in VR Regatta by Melbourne's MarineVerse.
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How do you translate the essentially visceral experience of taking to the sea into the world of VR? Well Greg Dziemidowicz is Director and Lead Programmer at Melbourne's MarineVerse and along with his crew of sailing VR developers have done just that. It's not just for people who sail regularly but it also allows those people who can't sail to enjoy the experience. VR Regatta is out now and has just released it's big arctic sailing map expansion.

There is a big federal election happening and for YEARS government support for Australian game development support hasn't been on the agenda. The opposition Labor Party have announced a big $25m reinstatement of the Australian Interactive Games Fund (AIGF), the Australian Greens want to put $100m into the industry. The original run of the AIGF was cut short when the Liberal-National Government came to power but not before funding a number of well known studios were able to access the fund like Defiant Development, Tin Man Games, SMG Studio and Black Lab Games. We discuss what this will mean if the funding is reinstated if there is a change of government!

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