Episode 118: Katie Stegs (Critter Clash) & should all games have an easy mode?

How do you turn the ship from marketing & consulting company to full time game developer? Katie Stegs and the team at Lumi Interactive know how.
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Katie Stegs is the Marketing director of Lumi Interactive a company that started out as a marketing and consulting company but then started creating games of their own. They've just launched Critter Clash, a mobile PvP game that combine the classic sling shot mechanics of Angry Birds with the nuanced complexity of deck building wrapped in a colourful animal filled package. You can pick up the game now - Critter Clash on Google Play

Well when From Software's newest title Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice came out, the idea of an easy mode in games has set the internet on fire with many industry professionals now weighing in on the topic. We take a look at what some of them have to say, on how it could be achieved and how easy and accessible are not one in the same.

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