Episode 114: Aidan McKeown (Paperville Panic) & More than One Way to Launch a Game

Fight fires and more in a town where EVERYTHING burns in Paperville Panic!
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Aidan McKeown from Ultimerse is our guest for episode 114, and he is the lead developer of Paperville Panic, a project that was initially planned to take three months, but ended up taking two years. Paperville Panic is a VR game about a town made entirely of paper that has just experienced its first fire and you are the single rookie firefighter with the power to save the day. Paperville Panic is now available on Steam and Oculus stores.

There is more than one way to launch a game. Long expensive marketing campaigns that last for years or releasing a game seemingly out of nowhere without any warning. EA has done both with their latest titles Anthem and Apex Legends. Is it better to drop in from the sky into the battle royale arena of game releases, or work on the slow build of a marketing campaign.  

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