Episode 112: Brigitta Rena (She and the Light Bearer) & the Great Server Divide

She and the Light Bearer is a storybook tale filled with Indonesian plants, history and culture from Surabaya based Mojiken Studio
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Brigitta Rena is the Art Director and Writer of the adorable and stylish She and the Light Bearer, the brand new point & click adventure game from Surabaya's Mojiken Studio. Rena shared her journey from illustrator to game developer, and what it took to make this classic yet modern fairytale. She and the Light Bearer will be released on the 17th of January.

Gamers in the middle east have been swept up in the phenomenon that is Fortnite, but while the world is more connected than ever before, the lack of dedicated servers is making life hard for those going for the victory royale. #ForniteMiddleEastServers is a campaign started by Alaa "DvLZStaTioN" Ebrahim to help fight the massive lag that players experience when outside of the US or EU. We look at what it's like playing games if you aren't in one of those major markets.

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