Episode 11: Trent Kusters (Armello): Kickstarting & building a digital boardgame & managing hype

How do you make a digital board game that wokrs on Console? Trent Kusters of League of Geeks joins us to talk all about Kickstarting the game and building to player expectations.
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This week we spoke to Trent Kusters, he’s one of the co-founders of League of Geeks and we learnt all about their game Armello. We had such a great chat with Trent we split the interview in two, with the first part focusing on the challenges and benefits of developing a completely digital board game. In the second half of the interview, we talked about managing the expectations of more than 6000 backers after their successful Kickstarter campaign, and what it took to get it to that point.


We also looked at when games fail to meet fan expectations, or don’t meet the hype. The fans of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 have been calling out for updated rosters, with all the current trades and injury lists, but have been left wanting.  Scott fills us in on the fan disappointment and how developers could address these issues.

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