Episode 102: Sean Simon (Snake Time) & a launcher for every game

What if snake was a turn based puzzle game with time travel? Well now it is with Those Six Faces AKA Sean Simon's Snake Time!
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Sean Simon AKA Those Six Faces joins us this week to talk about his game Snake Time. Developed by Sean alone Snake Time takes the traditional Snake gameplay and turns it into a move by move puzzle game. Sean spoke to us about building out his first released game, and what success looks like to him.

We also take a closer look at the trend of games choosing to move away from traditional online marketplaces such as Steam and Google Play and create their own launcher and store for their games. The latest publishers to go it alone  are Epic Games and Bethesda. However there are concerns device security and user experience could be affected by this move. Is it a cash grab, will it allow for a more tailored game experience and is it actually be better for the players?


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