Illustration by Daniel Ang @danielangart

2019: The definitive list of Australian made video games

It was a cracker year for Aussie games and if it was made in the great southern land you'll find it here.

2019 was a huge year for Australian made games with blockbuster hits like Untitled Goose Game, critical darlings like Void Bastards and brand new Commodore 64 games like Rose's Curry Clicker just a few of the titles made by hardworking Australian game developers.

In late 2019 we asked you to tell us what games you released and we've worked hard to bring you the definitive list.

Did we get them all? Let us know if you're game isn't listed below and we'll update this story with the details: Use our website contact form or you can send us a tweet using this prefilled link to @pixelsift.

Thanks to Ash Ringrose at SMG for the inspiration & encouragement to put the list together and helping us get the form set up.




Hyper Jam by Bit Dragon



_________ (What Even Is That Thing?) by Rowan Crawford, Ben Weatherall, Rich McBride



Rose's Curry Clicker by Cameron Davis



Untitled Goose Game by House House



Northanger Abbey by Spiral Atlas



Unfamiliar by Mana Tea

Following the success of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 lists we've joined forces to keep a running list of all 2020 Australian videogame releases with Brendan Keogh to capture all releases, big international titles, smaller indie games, jam games and if you've got a game releasing in 2020 you can head right here to enter your details for the 2020 list: 2020 Australian Videogames (Brendan Keogh & Pixel Sift)

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