Episode 5 - Episodic content, Bramblelash interview, and glitching out

This week we are exploring episodic content in games. Instead of getting everything at once you can now get your games in little bite sized chunks. Some of the biggest games are trying it out, and it's also being used by smaller developers . Can episodic gameplay be used in innovative and interesting ways or is it just a way to stretch out your purchases?

Liam Hunt and Sam Zeid of ByteSprite Games joined us this week, and told us all about their new local multiplayer game Bramblelash, and some of the other educational games that they've been working on.

You can download the Bramblelash pre-release demo here, and it's available on Windows, Mac and Linux

Finally we spoke about hilarious glitches and other unintended "features" and how you can make your own fun in your game. It turns out gamers can make a game out of anything even breaking games.

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